Welcome to De’s Garden Design. Everyone deserves to have a great garden.

My name is Deanna Proach, hence the name De’s Garden Design. I am an outdoors girl who enjoys working with nature, surrounded by healthy, lush plants. I’ve always been in awe of plants; their various sizes, foliage texture and colourful flowers. When I lived on the Sunshine Coast, I used to walk my neighborhood streets, looking at and admiring all of the well-groomed gardens around me. Those gardens, combined with my creativity and passion for design, are what inspired me to get into garden design. 

My Experience

My landscaping journey began in March 2017 on the Sunshine Coast, the place I used to call home. I worked for a garden maintenance company that year, but in the following year, I decided I wanted to expand my skills and work independently. So, in June 2018, I took the chance and created my own landscaping company, Adventurous Worker. Since then, I have gained much experience which has broadened my knowledge of gardening. I also had the opportunity to work for some amazing people. However, my desire to deepen my knowledge of gardening coupled with the desire for a new beginning in a different place, compelled me to move off the Sunshine Coast. In 2020, I moved to Dawson Creek, a small town located in northeastern British Columbia, and in 2021, I completed the organic horticulture course through Gaia College.


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