What Does Virtual Garden Design Look Like?

This (photo above) is a side yard that slopes down towards a ditch and receives full sunlight for most of the day, though a two-foot wide stretch of area running parallel to the fence on the west side of the property (left side of the photo) receives shade throughout the afternoon. That is because of a shadow cast by the fence.

What this same yard could look like. The app (GardenPuzzle) that I am using to design gardens creates the visualization of what a garden will look like in the future when the plants are near/at their maturity if that garden is well taken care of.

The soil in this yard is mostly clay and compact in most places, especially nearest to the house, so the soil would have to be heavily amended to a depth of 6 – 12 inches with top soil and fertilized either with compost tea or MiracleGrow fertilizer (MiracleGrow is my go-to) in order for these plants to thrive.

As shown in the photo above, not all plants are meant to be installed in the ground, especially nearest to the house where the soil there is most dry and compact. Also, hydrangeas do not thrive in our northern climate, hence the reason they are in a pot. However, there is no reason no one living here cannot enjoy the lush green foliage and large, colorful flowers hydrangeas display every late spring and summer. They just need to be planted in pots so they can be overwintered indoors throughout the winter months.

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