Flower of The Week: Geraniums

A good friend of mine gave my mother and I geraniums for Mothers Day. Geraniums are a beautiful plant, but until this past spring, I never really took much notice of them. Since we’re living in the north (Zone 2) where the winters are long and harsh and the growing season short, I had to bring these flowers inside every night until the long weekend at the end of May.

It’s common knowledge here that it snows every May Long weekend. However, our northern climate defied people’s assumptions and it was warmer than normal this year. The above seasonal temperatures provided me with an ideal opportunity to plant our geraniums in a large enough pot where their roots wouldn’t be confined. I also used Miracle Grow garden soil I had purchased from Canadian Tire — Miracle Grow potting soil is my go-to for container plants — but I didn’t fertilize them.

Location and soil did these plants well because, despite the heat and lack of rain this summer, they flourished. Our geraniums were placed in an area that is sheltered from wind and that receives sun for much of the day. They grew until they morphed into one plant, their green foliage spilling over the pot and their flowers a brilliant pink and red. The great thing about Miracle Grow potting soil is that it retains moisture, so I needed to water these geraniums only once a week. I also dead-headed them regularly which aided in the development of new buds. Then, around the middle of August, I fed them a sprinkle of organic fertilizer I had bought from our local Peevy Mart.

This day on October 3rd, these geraniums are still blooming. However, Falls are short here in the north and winter comes early. I’m already seeing a mix of snow and rain in our forecast next week, so these geraniums will be taken to the workshop where my father is renting for his business to be overwintered.

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