Welcome to De’s Garden Design

Welcome to De’s Garden Design! I have wanted to start my own virtual garden design and planning business for a while. And now — especially with everything going on in the world — is the best time to start a home-based business.

This past summer, I completed the organic horticulture specialist course through Gaia College and I have also been doing extensive research on garden and landscape design.

Typically a landscape architect will go to a client’s house, study their yard and draw up a number of detailed plans for the landscape design. I am a garden designer, meaning that my focus is mainly on plants and trees. However, I can also include hardscapes (example; patios, gazebos, pools, arbors, stepping stones, and walking paths) in a design.

So, what is virtual garden design? This simply means that you send me high resolution photos of your yard and and I will design your garden.

Why virtual garden design? I have decided to pursue the virtual route for the following reasons: It is a way to earn money over the winter months and it gives me an opportunity to connect with and work with clients outside of my community.

I will be offering this service starting after the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend (October 9th – 11th) as I am currently working on a pricing model. In the meanwhile, if you have any questions you can reach out to me at any time.

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